Liz Casey



Lizzie here! I’m so glad you stopped by. I started my small business in 2018 after a few years of side-hustling. While the bulk of my projects are commissioned pieces, I recently launched my Etsy store and am working toward a pop-up shop in the near future. My favorite events are weddings and I love making gifts for others. There is something intimate about a personalized, hand-drawn product and it’s an honor to see my work turn into keepsakes for clients.

I’ve always had a knack for lettering, but I did not start selling my art until after college. Honestly, I had nothing to sell. I took all the art classes in high school and was the student who needed the nice pens for notes, but I never even considered art as a career. I went on to pursue a degree in Education - and taught for six years in North Carolina! I will always be a teacher at heart and have great love for other teachers and students.

My lettering practice developed “accidentally” when I started taking notes in church services to stay awake - admittedly, I did not want to be there at the time. Doodles and varying letter shapes morphed into visual notes I could share on social media. I wasn’t selling anything and didn’t have plans to do anything beyond my original posts, but eventually people started requesting work from me. Years later, Liz Casey Creations was born!

I genuinely believe God used art to get my attention and after months of doodling, I recognized the pursuit of Jesus and welcomed relationship with him. All of this is an integral part of my story as a human and a small business owner. I view God as my direct supervisor who cares for my growth - he extends compassion to me when I fail and celebrates with me when I succeed. Good business is important to me because I work with people - and God loves ALL people. You will always get my best work.

I’m excited about my continued journey as a lettering artist and small business owner and hope you come along for the ride! Follow me on social media to see my latest posts and check out my IG stories to see the inner workings of my day-to-day (my personal account handle is @iamlizcasey on Twitter and IG; my biz is @lizcaseycreations on IG).